Fiinovation NGO

Fiinovation considers its mission to help NGOs fulfil their objectives. We believe that connecting NGOs with donors that believe in their cause saves them the efforts and give them more time to focus on their good work. We are always eager to connect with NGOs from all over India. If we have missed you, then please get in touch with us through the feedback section below, and we will contact you immediately.

  • NGOs are the solution for many social problems in our country, but only if they have access to the right amount of resources, to be able to perform their activities for making the world a better place. Fiinovation is the gateway that grants them this access.
  • NGOs have been complaining about lack of resources and Fiinovation has been doing everything in it’s power to be able to sort things out with the NGOs, by getting in touch with more and more firms.