Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd Reviews

If you’re in the luckiest 1pc of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99pc.

– Warren Buffett

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd is the leading CSR consultant in Delhi. Corporate Social Responsibility is the ideal task of integrating the social and environmental trepidations in to the business operations and interactions with the stakeholders. CSR consulting is yet again another feature attached to CSR that guides corporate firms in their eco-friendly and pro-people efforts. CSR consulting establishes strong CSR profiles of corporates that engage in CSR activities which improves their visibility and strengthen relationships and reputation among key stakeholders. This expertise and professional help significantly affects the goodwill of the corporates.

These days, consumers have become intelligent and aware. They seek the image of the organization before making any purchases. They prefer the organizations that involve in activities that are beneficial for the society. The reviews that one may come across on different online sites about Fiinovation are mixed. Some people who aren’t even associated with the firm have also penned down negative reviews but people still believe them. Fiinovation is a reputed CSR consultant that helps the corporates in identifying the right CSR causes, implementing and managing CSR initiatives and sustaining the Benefits over time.

Best Reviews for Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd, 5.0 Stars: Fiinovation also gets reviews from employees, industry experts and clients. We welcome feedback and reviews from people who we have worked with. However there are times when people try to ruin the reputation of Fiinovation by writing bad reviews even when they had no connection with Fiinovation.

Check our Fiinovation Reviews :

  • Fiinovation has been putting a lot of resources in it’s review process to be able to partner with as many firms as possible.

  • Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd has many firms on their list of perspective firms to be able to deal with for CSR resources.

  • Fiinovation has had many reviews in the past, good and bad, but the point we need to get at here is that the work it does is almost noble.

  • Fiinovation has had the best possible reviews lately because of it’s great work with the underprivileged and their never ending efforts of making the world a better place.

  • Fiinovation has made a lot of efforts to help the NGOs make India a better place, and there is no reason for any negative reviews.

  • Fiinovation is one of the CSR consultancies that makes sure that resources reach the people in need and are put to use at the places where needs are the highest.

  • Fiinovation has been doing great work with the NGOs, and have helped improve countless lives through their work, is what the review of their work said.

  • A review of the firms ripe for extracting CSR resources is something that Fiinovation is pretty good at.

  • The firms seem to have been reviewing the work of Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd after they sign them on to be a CSR consultant for them

  • The CSR firms need to widen the span of firms that they review, as to have more outreach to be able to help more NGOs.

  • Still, education and health are the two most preferred areas of the CSR spend. Three years after the CSR law was passed there has not been much diversion of the CSR funds. I have read few articles by experts from Fiinovation and other CSR organisations regarding how businesses should diversify and invest their funds in areas which are not usually being supported such as natural heritage conservation, welfare of senior citizens, rural sports etc. Hope focusing on different sectors will help the country in achieving inclusive development.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility is turning out to be more of burden than responsibility for the companies. This is now propaganda tactics for the companies. There should be proper intervention of CSR consultancy like Fiinovation and other to guide them to the basic structure for mutual benefit in society.

  • There are several organisations doing phenomenal work in the social development sector. Fiinovation which is a CSR consultancy recently signed up a project with RPG Foundation in Rajasthan. With more companies engaging in such projects, I think in future there will more investments in initiatives for the development of society at large. But, I always feel that there are many who despite doing good CSR are also harming the environment through their business processes. I request them to follow the rules and regulations and not harm or pollute the environment, especially when global warming is threatening our society.

  • With so much crackdown on NGOs getting foreign funds, they will now look towards the corporations to fund them for their projects. However, more companies are establishing their own foundations to implement the social initiatives making it really difficult for the NGOs to get funds for their projects. I had heard once Fiinovation replied to this question in a CSR conference, suggesting that NGOs usually have the required experience in the social development sector to work on social initiatives.

  • I would like to request CSR consultancies to please arrange funds and do CSR in smaller cities also. There are lot of problems and complaints in minor cities. There are only few like Fiinovation which is maintaining a balance between the areas.

  • Fiinovation has spread it wings and generated much CSR funds to every basic need such as education, health and infrastructure.

  • Bringing the social communities and corporate on same page can be a daunting task. How CSR consultancies like fiinovation just manage to do that most of the time?

  • Fiinovation has approved some CSR for those students who are skilled and want to study higher but lack money. It’s really a good boost up for aspirants.

  • Slowly- slowly with sheer hard work and good vision, fiinovation has just become the top CSR consultancy all over the country specially the region of NCR.

  • Improving status of education is must especially in rural areas. It is expected that around 3 lakh crore would be spent on development of villages. CSR consultancies like fiinovation should also shift prime focus towards village and remote areas.

  • The big thing done in this sector is the directive of the apex court of the country to find out about the misdeeds or Frauds of the NGOs. The NGOs in India have been involved in several activities which are not part of their organisational objectives. Often engaged in illegal activities, the NGOs have no credibility at all in front of the public and the businesses. Therefore, they take the help of consulting companies such as Fiinovation who conduct credibility checks and have good rapport and public image. Their networking with the businesses leaders help them to raise funds for the NGOs which are credible and are facing severe shortage of funds.

  • The basic aim of CSR is to form such a society where poor get a hike with the continuous support of the rich. But in real poor is getting poor and rich is getting rich day by day despite all the hard work of consultancies like fiinovation, NGO and the corporate.

  • Basically, CSR is committed in nearby places i.e. consultancy which is associated in CSR focuses on their surroundings. But, Fiinovation is one such company which involves every place and does the work according to need. For example its work in Orissa absolutely remarkable.

  • Along with the CSR activities fiinovation also does some required social events which raise funds for the NGO. This is really a good initiative done at personal level.

  • A strong research work is the crucial part of any CSR program. The main of the CSR consultancies is to find the areas where CSR could be done for development of society. Fiinovation is absolutely good at this part that’s why it is so successful.

  • Everyone who is active in social service field or CSR can come up with ideas suggestions to fiinovation. This establish the fact that fiinovation believes in team work and target only development.

  • Most of the NGOs require constant funds for their expenses and activities especially the NGOs which are just starting. Fiinovation has helped many NGO’s and they constantly look out for more NGO’s

  • If you have a query regarding how CSR consultancy work or any question regarding CSR. I suggest you to go on fiinovation reviews page and put your query. I assure you they will answer as soon as possible.

  • If one compares the work done by CSR consultancy fiinovation with other consultancies in last 5 years, the result would be no shocking as fiinovation is way ahead in the terms of quality of work and the areas it picked.

  • Often organization unable to deal with their negative reviews. If they are applauded then its fine but at the moment they are criticized, they break, but either Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd reviews are bad or good, they just focus the work. This makes them different from others.

  • Fiinovation is one of those consultancies, which actually turned the approach of the corporate towards CSR. Earlier, it was somehow a forced law for them but now they are doing as a moral responsibility.

  • I totally support fiinovation idea of making SME’s CSR compliant to overcome challenges. This is the great step and definitely going to work.

  • Fiinovation complaints page- the leading consultancy has created its own complaint page on facebook. Anybody has grievance about the organization or seeking help can visit this page and comment.

  • Increasing charges of corruption in the CSR industry is highly upsetting, hence, good companies like Fiinovation should take some steps in reducing the increasing number of the frauds in the CSR sector.

  • Being an active member of some prominent NGO’s I have witnessed the cases of frauds in the CSR sector, but I am glad to meet with the team of Fiinovation, which leave no chance to fulfill their commitments and are away from any kind of negative charges.

  • My experience with Fiinovation has been wonderful. To be honest, I was earlier really skeptical due to the high number of fraud cases in the CSR sector. But I am glad to find out that fiinovation is different from others and all NGO’s should tie up with Fiinovation for their varied projects.

  • It’s not at all surprising to locate zero Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd fraud cases. The company is far away from any such ways.

  • If you have been cheated by fake promises and schemes in the CSR sector, then you must contact to Fiinovation. It’s one of the rarest company who has started a revolution against such corrupt activities. Fiinovation has listened my problem and helped me out in retaining my money back. Companies should adopt the super working model of Fiinovation.

  • If you have any query or issues against Fiinovation, simply visit their home page and make your complaint register under Fiinovation complaint sections. The team is 24*7 alert and quickly resolves their customer’s complaints.

  • Having dozens of positive reviews is no magic! It happens with only with sheer hard work of the company and Fiinovation is the prime example of it.

  • As an employee of Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd it feels great to read so many positive feedbacks. However, we are always giving prime importance to any small or big query of our customer. As their  satisfaction is supreme to the company.

  • The CSR sector is flooding with fake consultancies. Hence, I would recommend all the NGO’s and companies, especially the start-up to do intense online research before investing. However, I found one such good and reliable company called Fiinovation.

  • Fiinovation is a genuine company and speaking from the experience they register no Fake cases in the name.